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I finally figured out what I hate about the DROIDX: The Android Contacts app sucks because it refuses to load the last category loaded on start like all the real widgets do. Instead it shows up with ALL the contacts… and it isn’t likely I will use it to contact anyone with email because it just isn’t very good at email with that touch screen keypad.

Google & Motorola: I did NOT get my DroidX for email, I have a dozen computers for all occasions, they ALL work better for email.  I got it to be a phone (a smart phone with camera, camcorder, a portable HD and all the PDA doo-dads with some web access).  I sure as heck won’t use it for email.  To polute the contact list with emails I never contact directly from Twitter & Facebook is insanity.  Make it useful, default to showing PHONE NUMBERS (which I use the phone for, not emails I never write), preferably my favorites.

Fix that contact list and it should be the perfect smartphone.  But this is a pure design fail in the software development department.  What do you think we use phones for, MAINLY?

It isn’t a reason to not get a DroidX, but it still doesn’t change the fact that the Contacts app sucks and seems to be put together as a very stupid afterthought.  Google, Motorola, do you actually USE your own products?  The Contacts app is pathetic.

The best would be to pick a default category for the contacts to load to.  That makes sense, or at least load the favorite (starred) contacts by default (as mentioned), but loading nearly 3,000 contacts (the “all of them” category) is a waste of my time and the Droid’s energy.

This is a geek’s “C’MON MAN!”

The alternate is that I can’t load my actual Twitter Facebook, etc… accounts, and that sucks too.



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The Perfect Laptop Case

I can’t even buy a decent case for my laptop, they are all way too small.

If I would design one, it would have a padded sleeve that protects the notebook with a white foam mousepad wearing my logo on one side that would fold around it and be replicated on the other.  It would fold out to be a mousepad for people who wanted to use it on the right or leftside and detach using velcro.

I’ll try and get some drawings or eventually photos together.  Afterall, I have to make my own anyway.  Always another project left undone.

Of course, it doesn’t even work right.  I have to send it back or drop it off, or something.  It’s a Sony, which is too bad, as I wanted to make my first Blu-ray disc and now I won’t even have it a while.

Damn, that’s such a bummer, I have to send it back.  I had a Sony TV.  I have a Sony camera.  I might buy a Sony HDTV tomorow, it might be a Toshiba.

I have to send back the battery they sent me before I raise too big of a stink, though.  Both only charge to 80%.

The configuration of the keyboard of my Sony, which I call HDLaptop, is absolutely heaven for me.  But I can’t find a decent Bluetooth keyboard and mouse set at all.  They don’t even seem to sell the new PC Express cards for it.

Anyway, I need to design a better laptop case for it.  I have it all backed-up now and can send it in.  But I have to send in that dang battery first.  I want to get the high capacity battery, but.  It only charges to 80%?

I have a vaio sleeve and accessory case for it, but that is all.


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New Product Idea for Coke

Original Recipe Coke.

Sugar. Sold for the price of a sports drink. Get with it Coke. You asleep at the wheel? This product is long overdue. Coke just isn’t the same since Coke Classic came out (intended to correct the New Coke fiasco), which uses corn syrup instead of sugar. But it just is NOT the same, anymore.

Don’t you have any product designers?  This is a huge a frightening miss on your part, as it is so obvious to the rest of us (the Coke drinkers).

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