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New Product Idea for Coke

Original Recipe Coke.

Sugar. Sold for the price of a sports drink. Get with it Coke. You asleep at the wheel? This product is long overdue. Coke just isn’t the same since Coke Classic came out (intended to correct the New Coke fiasco), which uses corn syrup instead of sugar. But it just is NOT the same, anymore.

Don’t you have any product designers?  This is a huge a frightening miss on your part, as it is so obvious to the rest of us (the Coke drinkers).

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  1. Apparently Red Bull and Pepsi read this post and introduced sugar colas of their own?

    Sorry, Pepsi, you may have a Throwback, but Pepsi was always way too sweet to start off with.

    But the old Coke I used to know and love was absolutely perfect when it used pure cane sugar.

    Sure, I know you can’t go back to the original recipe, at least not without making it a prescription, but corn syrup is NOT the same as sugar, and everyone knows it.

    That’s a rather big market you are ignoring.

    I just tried to apply for a job at Coke last week. I couldn’t even get a dang application from the secretary. In fact, she couldn’t even give me the name of the promotion and marketing agent to discuss the possibility sponsoring a local kid’s sports team? Claimed that wasn’t available at the bottling plant? Don’t market locally?

    Yeah, right.

    No, I didn’t ask for the hiring agent or her supervisor, I don’t want to work at a place where I couldn’t get a straight answer and the office personnel (she wasn’t the only one there listening) didn’t care what a 12 year neighbor in their own community thought of how he was treated.

    I got news for you, Coke. You are losing it. Get a grip. Get with it. Treat people right. I’ve stopped drinking any and all Coke products (including Dasani H2O and all the other stuff).

    There is nothing more maddening than being treated as if you are scum, not listening to questions and refusing to give straight answers.

    You lose, Coke. Goodbye and good riddance.

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