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The Perfect Laptop Case

I can’t even buy a decent case for my laptop, they are all way too small.

If I would design one, it would have a padded sleeve that protects the notebook with a white foam mousepad wearing my logo on one side that would fold around it and be replicated on the other.  It would fold out to be a mousepad for people who wanted to use it on the right or leftside and detach using velcro.

I’ll try and get some drawings or eventually photos together.  Afterall, I have to make my own anyway.  Always another project left undone.

Of course, it doesn’t even work right.  I have to send it back or drop it off, or something.  It’s a Sony, which is too bad, as I wanted to make my first Blu-ray disc and now I won’t even have it a while.

Damn, that’s such a bummer, I have to send it back.  I had a Sony TV.  I have a Sony camera.  I might buy a Sony HDTV tomorow, it might be a Toshiba.

I have to send back the battery they sent me before I raise too big of a stink, though.  Both only charge to 80%.

The configuration of the keyboard of my Sony, which I call HDLaptop, is absolutely heaven for me.  But I can’t find a decent Bluetooth keyboard and mouse set at all.  They don’t even seem to sell the new PC Express cards for it.

Anyway, I need to design a better laptop case for it.  I have it all backed-up now and can send it in.  But I have to send in that dang battery first.  I want to get the high capacity battery, but.  It only charges to 80%?

I have a vaio sleeve and accessory case for it, but that is all.


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