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The Sioux Falls SkyForce puts away the LA D-Fense

It was actually quite a strange game.  The LA D-Fense kept pulling about 10 points ahead of the Sioux Falls SkyForce, and then the SkyForce would just catch-up and tie them, every once in a while they went a point or two ahead, but then LA would surge again.

I kept thinking, “They should know how to handle the ball better than that.”, and “Why can’t Sioux Falls sink a free-throw?”  And although it was a good game, it’s not actually all that much fun when your team is mostly losing, most of the time. But at the half, it was all tied-up at 46.

My friend went to the bathroom in the 4th quarter when Sioux Falls was yet again 10 points behind.  They had actually pretty much stayed there, as well.  So it was getting a little depressing because they weren’t bouncing back like usual and just stayed there at about 10-12 points back.  But by the time he returned from the can, it was all tied-up again. It happened so quick I felt sorry for Bill because he missed some good action, Sioux Falls had come back strong and very quickly.

Actually, in the 4th period, the SkyForce really woke-up and poured it on once they started coming back.  They kind of just ran-over LA, really.  In the end we won the game 90 to 98 and were quite happy we came out to watch the game.

On the way out of the arena My son and I hit the head.  Suddenly I looked down at his shoes and realized he was wearing his house slippers.  That boy is going to catch a death of a cold for not listening to me, one day.  Why would anyone think that house slippers would suffice after a fresh snow storm?  Especially when we had just discussed this a few short days ago and I told him that he was never to wear his house slippers outside the house.  Heck, we had to trudge through snow to get from the parking lot to the arena.  So, I gave him a stern warning about leaving the house with his slippers on.

This was My 8 year-old son’s first basketball game. He was wearing his Taekwondo lesson outfit under some pants and sweatshirt, and still never took of his coat.  Now I know why, because when your feet are cold, you are cold.

At least the SkyForce won and we had a good time enjoying the game.  Heck, now that SkyForce has won, was it because he was in his Taekwondo get-up and slippers?   LOL…  I’m glad I’m not superstitious.


December 19, 2008 Posted by | Parenting, Sports | 2 Comments