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Life, Such As It Is, At My Place…

A lot has happened in the past year and a half. I was working a part-time job at Kohl’s and hoping that after a year or so I would be able to get a good review and try to transfer into a graphic designer position. But, then I hurt myself at work. I tripped over a set of rolling apparel racks called z-rails. I didn’t even fall down, but immediately after that (and not until then) my hip started making a popping noise that was extremely alarming.

I made the report of the injury with my supervisor and went to the doctor right after my overnight shift was over, making an appointment with my doctor for later that day. He thought it was a rupture or a hernia, so I took a week off to heal and then went back to work. But the hip popping sound never stopped, every pop or click was a violent shock to my system, and the pain never ceased. In fact, the pain got worse, much worse. After 6 months and nothing was sticking out, ruptured or herniated, I went back to the Doc and he sent me to an orthopedic specialist.

I suppose I should note that during these 6 months I was unloading trucks. Not an easy feat with a clickity-click hip. But I worked through hoping something would burst and I would get the treatment I needed.

Dr. Kaylo diagnosed me with a disjointed labrum, put me through some tests, gave me an injection that didn’t produce any results and was ready to schedule an orthoscopic operation on my hip way back in February when Sedgewick Claims Management Services started screwing everything up on purpose with all kinds of delays making me get a second opinion with another orthopedic surgeon, which well took over a month for them to schedule, and over a month for them to finally get back to me.

All the time we were doing this, Sedgewick CMS was trying desperately to talk me out of getting the operation. I had to wait for them to get paperwork that they had clearly been briefed on properly over the phone by the physician’s staff, I had to wait for them to look it over, I had to wait for them to send me documents, I had to wait for sedgewick to get its head out of its butt. It has been sickening how obviously they have maneuvered and delayed this operation so that when I am recovering they won’t have to pay me much as my employer cut everyone’s hours. So now that I haven’t been making anything worthwhile since January because of the seasonal nature of retail, and because Kohl’s has deliberately cut the hours of all available overnight staff by hiring way too many people way too early in the season, my average rate of pay has taken a huge downward spiral.

I can’t do anything about it, either. No one will hire me at any other job until I am healthy again and this situation is resolved. I can’t even transfer to another position in the company because I need to be healthy in order to make a move to Wisconsin (or New York), where that position would be. Hell, I can’t even work my business anymore because of the pain I have been in.

Finally, there are no more excuses from Sedgwick CMS. They have to give me the operation. I go under the knife on the 28th, finally, after 17 months of pain.

In the meantime my wife looks at me as if I am worthless because I can’t do anything or even make a decent living wage. If she has any feelings for me it is pity, but her love for me is long gone, as she had always refused to communicate with me.

So, maybe I can put this hip crap behind me soon, get better, get a divorce, and get out of this miserable life in my God forsaken home. I have always hated this place. I just can’t wait to start a new life somewhere else.


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Still In Recovery

I have been spending a great deal of time recovering from 2 things… a physical ailment where I actually tore something within my inner hip/pelvis region when I tripped over a “safety guard” while working the freight at Kohl’s, and the second being that I still have not reinstated all of my online properties after my high speed web hosting reseller account (which was so expensive that I couldn’t resell it) was finally cancelled on February 14th of this year.

The Injury:

Although I had recovered well and felt good when I went back to work after over a week off and taking Advil every day, soon after the tolls of the graveyard shift and the constant physical labor of unloading and replenishing freight was wearing on me.  I plan on going back to see the doctor because now my hip makes popping or clicking sounds in my normal day-to-day routine when I’m not working.  This is often accompanied with a shooting pain, but sometimes it is more noise. But I still haven’t recovered from taking the one week off after I had the injury.  I am really hurting financially because work was already slow and my domain/hosting sales also slow-up in the summer. I admit I am feeling pretty frail now, these days.

The Websites:

Only a handful of websites remain offline currently, these are mostly my general subject directories.  One that remains up and online (after recovering it) is Hyperlink Directory.  Because of complications with the databases of other directories, I will be using the Hyperlink Directory database to form the start of my other directories which were previously phpLinkDirectories (Worthful Index & Reciprocate Links!, which are currently parked until I have some extra time to get them online).

Some of the other directories I ran seemed to be running on what might be considered insecure directory software, so I am leaving those offline until I can find a migration path.  Since phpLD doesn’t support directory database migration, I am looking to other software solutions.

In the meantime, I have not only continued recovering the websites and intellectual properties that went down in flames due to my expensive web hosting issues, I’ve also been making those recovered websites better, as well as continuing to build my empire of websites and brands. One example is that I setup Font-Journal on Domain Hostmaster hosting and I am also trying to keep it updated as I have a whole bunch more fonts to upload (the list is quite long).

I also setup Glossary Index, which is a handy little dictionary word lookup utility site with live feedback as you type in your word.

I have established a couple more pin-up beauty sites honoring and celebrating the unsurpassed beauty of women. These are both on Tumblr, Top Hot Girls seems the most popular. I don’t know if it is the monochromatic style or simply that I have been lucky to find some shots of very precious beauties in this format, but Super Elegance is one of my favorites. To me the beauty of women is undeniable proof of God.  You can’t tell me that there isn’t a superior intelligence at work there, they are pure living art.  I just wish they made sense.  And there you have God’s humor making our lives interesting.

I also setup a domain to display my old HTML Character Code Reference Table at (where else?)

I am working on a few other new sites and updating some elder ones, as well.  Right now I am trying to setup sites using best web design practices that take advantage of the HTML5 & CSS3 web standards.  This is proving to a be a lot more difficult using CSS to structure the layout.  Although I love the standard, it is a great deal more difficult to code this way.  It is also harder to struggle through the code when designing radically different sites, as I always have to start over from scratch.

The worst part is that while I am trying to get all my old sites updated with HTML5 and CSS3, I am not learning all the neat things that I can do in HTML5 with the canvas property that I need to know.

I feel like I’m always racing to catch-up.  My part-time job doesn’t exactly help me accomplish a single thing, either.  It’s a very physical job moving freight all night long and always wears me out and takes me out of the game for well too long recuperating afterwards.

Why even have this stupid menial labor position, I don’t know, I am farther in debt now than when I started a year ago.  WTF?

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