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Falling to Sleep

Most likely, you aren’t like me.  Of course, that’s a good thing.  But that’s also why I feel like this is an amazing phenomenon for me.  And yet others, I am sure, are probably just like me…

Whenever I am laying on my back, I absolutely always have to fall asleep.  Always, without a doubt, at some point, I starting falling asleep.  But that’s a literal statement, too.  I actually fall to sleep.

Let me give you an example.  Say I start falling asleep and start dreaming that I am walking on the beach at sunset.  At some point, I will misstep.  I won’t see a hole, or I will trip on a stick or rock, loose my footing, and simply start falling over backwards.

I am always falling over backwards, never frontwards, and I always wake up, right away.  But once I have fallen, I can then snooze away, sleep long and hard, snoring and all.   It’s like a little ritual for me.

Of course, if I lay on my front, this usually doesn’t happen.  I don’t need to trip and fall into a mode of complete relazation and let go.  But I will often wake myself up as I kick my leg up for balance when I start out sleeping on my back, or either of my sides.

Sometimes I am passing the ball to my son as we play catch in my initial fall-to-sleep dream and I wake myself up as my arm jerks because I am actually following through with the pass.  Sometimes I wake up as I try to bite into ice cream.  But if I haven’t actually fallen over backwards, I’m not going to be falling asleep until I have fallen over backwards.

And I will fall as long as I’m not buried into the bed face down.

Sometimes it’s on a stairs, or falling off a swing.  And always backwards.

Kinda funny, huh?  😉  OK, maybe not.  But it is strange.  😉

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