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Sick & Tired of Facebook SPAM

I am really starting to get tired of all the spam… “So-and-so” posted “something” on your wall, but when you look at it, you are sent to an application that is supposed to quiz you and has nothing to do with anyone, writing on my wall, a photo of me that someone commented on, a picture of me within a photo, a nquestion about me, or anything.  Spam is what made me walk away from Yahoo, they did not take my privacy seriously.  Google has, and although I don’t like their monopolistic corporate greed attitude, I am still there because they are seemingly serious about protecting my account.

This is the same reason that people left MySpace and strolled over to Facebook.  We were sick of all the spam.  But if Facebook is just going to become another damn haven for spammers, you can count me out.

Facebook, get your head out of your butt right now.  Or I will be gone.

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Internet Explorer Support Now Costs Double

Can you believe this:? Microsoft Internet Explorer refuses to run on my XP desktop or XP notebook machines, or even my Vista based laptop! I can’t get IE running on anything, not even on my son’s XP desktop.

Thanks so much for nothing, MS!

It isn’t that I want to use it, it’s just that I need to support the IE browser for my web design clients.  And yet it won’t even run on my Windows based machines.  I am so tired of supporting IE.  They fail to develop the browser at all so that it will keep up with ancient web standards such as CS3, XHTML and XML and don’t even plan on supporting HTML5.  Ideally, the browser is considered crappy.

Why the hell should I support this peice of junk browser?  Oh yeah, my client’s clients/customers.  Well, I am now doubling my rates to support anything other than the last version of Internet Explorer, FireFox, Safari, Chrome and Opera.  Why? because IE is so poorly undeveloped that it should not even be considered a true modern browser.

So from this moment on, if you want support for IE7, you will have to pay double for it.  Because IE really *is* that crappy and really is much of a pain in the butt.  Everyone else supports the current and emerging web standards, just not IE.

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The Perfect Laptop Case

I can’t even buy a decent case for my laptop, they are all way too small.

If I would design one, it would have a padded sleeve that protects the notebook with a white foam mousepad wearing my logo on one side that would fold around it and be replicated on the other.  It would fold out to be a mousepad for people who wanted to use it on the right or leftside and detach using velcro.

I’ll try and get some drawings or eventually photos together.  Afterall, I have to make my own anyway.  Always another project left undone.

Of course, it doesn’t even work right.  I have to send it back or drop it off, or something.  It’s a Sony, which is too bad, as I wanted to make my first Blu-ray disc and now I won’t even have it a while.

Damn, that’s such a bummer, I have to send it back.  I had a Sony TV.  I have a Sony camera.  I might buy a Sony HDTV tomorow, it might be a Toshiba.

I have to send back the battery they sent me before I raise too big of a stink, though.  Both only charge to 80%.

The configuration of the keyboard of my Sony, which I call HDLaptop, is absolutely heaven for me.  But I can’t find a decent Bluetooth keyboard and mouse set at all.  They don’t even seem to sell the new PC Express cards for it.

Anyway, I need to design a better laptop case for it.  I have it all backed-up now and can send it in.  But I have to send in that dang battery first.  I want to get the high capacity battery, but.  It only charges to 80%?

I have a vaio sleeve and accessory case for it, but that is all.


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New Product Idea for Coke

Original Recipe Coke.

Sugar. Sold for the price of a sports drink. Get with it Coke. You asleep at the wheel? This product is long overdue. Coke just isn’t the same since Coke Classic came out (intended to correct the New Coke fiasco), which uses corn syrup instead of sugar. But it just is NOT the same, anymore.

Don’t you have any product designers?  This is a huge a frightening miss on your part, as it is so obvious to the rest of us (the Coke drinkers).

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