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I am spending so much time trying to find the right web/graphic design job for myself that I am completely forgetting to blog once I get something done.

There is just so much going on, lots of personal projects to do and recently when Max broke his nose a few weeks ago, I pretty much tried to just keep an eye on him all the time after that.  The poor guy couldn’t play any sports at all, before.  That’s not easy for an active kid, especially a black belt that likes to excersize.  So he’s been stuck reading or playing video games.  Although he enjoys that, its still no way to spend the summer.

About a week and a half ago, or so, I finally finished the new Mrs. South Dakota 2008 website for April Kelling, our SD pageant queen.  I still have to tweak one page, the gallery.  Some of my fellow designers in the Google Web Design and Development group gave Me a pretty hard time because I left the table in the code to format my grid on the Gallery Photos page.

While I had never intended to leave it that way, I mentioned that I used a table to ensure that the website was done by the deadline and got all sorts of crap for it.  Hey, I’ll do whatever I need to in order to make the project come in on time.

Actually, the more I think of it, I still think that the tables did a much better job of formatting and displaying that thumbnail grid.  But, in the interest of bettering my craft, I will try and straighten it out using just CSS in my spare time.  That’s what this project was, a spare timer.  I was paid very little and so in a sense I wound-up donating a portion of my services to her cause.  But April Kelling is actually a very cool lady that is a big part of the community and so I am glad to help out with some of the design work and the web hosting.

April, as I am sure you will read on the website, is a business owner.  She co-owns Green 4 Ever, Inc., which I also designed earlier this year.

I am still awaiting a few minor pieces to the puzzle for both websites (a couple of photos), but both websites are up, functional, and I think looking pretty good.  I’m told they are getting lots of compliments on them.  😉

Although these projects are much smaller than my other recent projects (such as the Midwest Metal Works, the Diesel Rebuild Parts or the Syd’s Eastside Auto Parts websites; or my own portfolio website at, they have been challenging in their own unique way.

Now I have a couple of website projects of my own that I need to get online.  They will use a shared design, but I will make each one it’s own unique color.

But I still have to look for a job, too.  As you know, that IS a full-time job.

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