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Hacked Yesterday

I was hacked.  It’s so discouraging. So insulting.  It hurts.  It really does.  Imagine what this does to a person when he/she really gives a crap about the website?

It is really hard for me to understand why malicious hackers and spammers aren’t shot or at least strung-up by their thumbs.  These are criminals in every sense of the word.  Most of us go through life trying to be a good person, treating others as we would want to be treated, and trying to give back to the world in thankfulness for our good fortune.  And others will just try to take advantage of us, constantly and relentlessly.

The effort required to screw your fellow man is actually quite phenomenal.  Think of it, a website probably gets a little traffic when its promoted correctly.  But the malicious hackers (commonly referred to as “crackers”) seem to find my fresh domain with no promotion just as I tried out a new open source web application.  WTF?  Are developers hacking their own crap after getting some sort of notification that their backdoor is wide open?  I mean, this has happened all too often, now.

Luckily, I am usually just trying out some new software in the hopes that it might work for something I have in mind, or as a mere matter of research for a client. Although, I have had profitable and reputable websites hacked, as well.  Usually this happens right as I miss the security update notice that I signed-up for and never got.

This is not to say that there aren’t some great web application scripts out there.  I have had great luck with phpLinkDirectory, SkaLinksDomain Name Portfolio,

I strongly warn against anything such as phpBB, phpWebSite & SSL Directory (Site Sift Listings Directory), though.

WordPress often does have its problems and issues, as well.  Which is why I prefer using their service at their service so that they can keep me up-to-date.  Part of the problem is that I am just to busy to stop everything and update these high-risk open software packages.  Of course, the flop side of the hosted WordPress blog is that you lose control over the design and user interface, so this hosted method blogging is extremely restrictive.

I know that you can pay for upgrades on most of this hosted service stuff, but remember that I sell top level domains for less than $8 or $9 a pop (some for as little as $2) at &  I will be grabbing the $1o.oo hosted domain name option after I have caught-up with the Christmas season spending and payments thing, though.

There are some great commercial programs out there I would love to get my hands on.  But for the life of me I cannot see the benefit of forking over $150 or more for each program, like vBulletin, WSNLinks, eSyndicat Directory, and others that are even more outrageously priced.  Well, until I was hacked, yesterday.  Now I am reconsidering.  Afterall, it seems as if I install the free open source content management system Typo3 I will probably have to pay for additional add-ons to expand it, as well.

Getting hacked is SO damn discouraging.  What did I ever do to you, cracker?  Unfortunately, we don’t have a government that is worth even the slightest damn bit.  Our U.S. officials are always taking a vacation or looking for deals and corrupting themselves.  It seems that Spiro Agnew & then Tricky Dick Nixon set the standard for all administrations to follow and there is no longer any honor in the American presidency, or the U.S. goverment.

Will we actually have a leader that will turn the nation around in Obama?  Or will it even matter?  If Chrysler fails, if GM fails, so will a large network of independent auto parts suppliers. And these auto industry executives are not quick minded enough to deal with the loss of a few suppliers (evidenced by them crying out that they will not survive if another one of the 3 American corporations goes under).

We blame the automaker executives for being too slow, too leader-less, too stupid, and completely lax of any real vision or mission, and this is all very correct.  But the fact remains that there was some external help giving them the push into debtor’s prison when OPEC raised the price of fuel to legal theft while years of financial system deregulation, corruption and greed crushed the American people and killed the credit system.

It is this very lack of vision and creativity that has plagued the American system which has rejected schooling its youth properly using mere excuses.     What have we been doing, eating our young?  India has more honours kids than we have kids.  The future is going to be so damn competitive that we aren’t even throwing our children a life-line.  China will soon be the largest English speaking country in the world. The amount of technical information for our higher education schools is doubling every 2 years.

Do you remember a little company called Commodore Business Machines from Canada? It completely stopped developing and adjusting for tommorrow’s technology and market.  Even though it had the Amiga platform which was a great little art, animation and video computer that outsold all other computer and gaming platforms combined, once it stopped researching and advancing technology it quickly went belly-up and Microsoft has since written them completely out of the history of the computer even though they were introducing fisrts such as the PET, the Vic 20, the C64, the Amiga A500 & A4000 which were well ahead of the current technology upon their release.

What I am saying is that we have been sitting on our lazy derriares long enough.  Perhaps too long.  It may already be too late for Barack Obama, too late for us.  Because the mess that the Bush administration has left has been left well too long.

Sure, I know that Pres. Clinton left a trade surplus, but there was also a deficit.  And he didn’t do squat for rebuilding our education system.  And my whole point is that the ones that know how to fix this stuff are usually smart people and we have been gang-banging while the Chinese and India have been learning and leading.

President Elect Barack Obama will have so much more important problems than dealing with the hackers and spammers that are ripping off our elderly, messing up our systems, flooding our inboxes, crippling our businesses and corrupting our youth.  And that is sad.

The whole mess is extremely sad and depressing.  When did you give up, America?

Yeah, I’m mad.  I was hacked yesterday.  But if we don’t get it together, and I mean real F’n soon, we will be in for much tougher times and we won’t know how to fix it or even catch up with it.

But for God Sakes, we have to criminalize hackers and spammers by improving our technology so that we can close those back doors and make each and every internet packet traceable and verifiable by default.  We need to get a handle on all this white collar crime and corruption, people.  And we need to do it now.

If we don’t, I promise you, we will be driving Chinese cars with American name plates using Arab oil with no chance at electric cars or alternative fuels.  Hell, we will be making nuclear power and shipping it overseas and not dealing wvery well with the waste and by-products.

What, don’t tell me that you are waiting for England and the queen mum to put it right.  We didn’t even scold AIG for F’n up, at least twice, now?


I’ve been hacked.

It was actually a failed installation of a registered program that had become extremely outdated and kind of useless after I had spend all sorts of time designing it just the way I wanted and the developer overwrote my templates and made it look like crap.

I lost interest.

The developer couldn’t design a railroad crossing sign in a year even if he had foresight knowledge from beyond that his mother’s life would depended upon it.

The program looked like such crap and I had spend so much time getting the application to look just so and fuction exactly right.  And then the developer’s upgrade wiped it all out.  The templates were no longer any good in the new format, he said.  I had actually found another program or two that I liked better to replace it.  But I had these three licenses and I tried to install it on another server.

I knew I had botched the install, but the domain was not ever promoted, and the MySQL databse was inaccessible.  So I left it some time ago and figured I might get back to it when I had more time.  I have so little time, these days.

The wesite has sat there for months and months.  I wonder if it has been years? And yesterday it was hacked.  And it was useless.  Why?  To put up a redirect to a pharmacy scam?

And even though it was a totally worthless, shouldn’t really be a big deal, it still hurts.  OUCH, it really does hurt.  Because all I do is fight this type of crap.  Hackers and spammers, spammers and hackers.  Security! Security!  Keep the site secure!  What do I want to with a million imaginary dollars?  I don’t want a lover who doesn’t know my name.  No, my penis is fine and those things don’t work.  I didn’t enter any lotto in Canada (or England, or Europe).  I have insurance.  No, my name is not Christina.  I don’t want larger breasts, as if that would work on a female, much less a man.  Why am I always getting the same exact email from 423 guys who can’t spell (or type at all) ?

What is enough?  When will it stop?  When will this sh** be illegal? EVER?

I was hacked.  It’s so insulting.

I need to go buy myself a nice domain name.

December 19, 2008 - Posted by | The Human Condition, Web Design & Development

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  1. Hi, First of all I’m sorry this happened to you. I co-own eSyndiCat and it’s really great you think it’s a good software. Anyway, I am not quite agree with you on the pricing. If you make a commercial project it’s quite easy to spend $75 for a reliable software you can be sure in.

    We started eSyndiCat with phpBB, we still have it here ( but as the project grew up we needed a better software for the forums area. We decided to use vBulletin ($160) and as a result we have several copies now for all our projects.

    So if you have a commercial project – don’t hesitate. Better go & get the real software, even if you pay something for it.

    Comment by Vasily B. | December 19, 2008 | Reply

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